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Lytec Distributor - Africa

EL Wire- the revolutionary light-emitting Wire - is a continuous, 360-degree self-illuminating product based on breakthrough electroluminescent (EL) technology.

EL Wire adds a new dimension of illumination to your innovative products and new designs. EL Wire's assorted colors makes your products stand out. We will help you to integrate EL Wire into all product designs for enhanced value.

EL Wire come in a variety of diameters and colours. The main characteristics of each wire type are described in the table below. In the following table, one can see the colour legend of the available products.


YourBrandHere is the sole distributor for LyTec® in Africa 

EL Wire Mini video

Product Type
(Common Spec)
Colours Available
EL Wire Mini
cat.# 01C
1.2 mm80V/4000 Hz69.6 cd/m2lime, red, purple, pink, blue-green ,green, ultramarine, and yellow
 100V/2000Hz100 cd/m2
EL Wire General

cat.# 01S
2.3 mm80V/4000Hz68 cd/m2white, blue-green, green, red, pink, lime, orange, purple, hot red, ultramarine, and yellow
 100V/2000Hz98.4 cd/m2
EL Wire High

cat.# 048S
2.5 mm48V/2000Hz34.5 cd/m2blue-green, lime, red, pink, ultramarine , yellow, purple, and white
 100V/2000Hz127 cd/m2
EL Wire Outdoors
cat.# 02S
3.2 mm80V/4000Hz70.3 cd/m2white, blue-green, green, red, pink, lime, orange, purple, blood red, ultramarine, and yellow
 100V/2000Hz98.5 cd/m2
EL Wire Fabric (T-Type)
cat.# 02T
3.2 mm
9 mm (tail)
80V/4000Hz69.6 cd/m2blue-green, pink, lime, green, red, and ultramarine
 100V/2000Hz96.9 cd/m2
EL Wire Double

cat.# D01
2.8 mm
3.5 mm
160V/4000Hz55 cd/m2green, blue-green, red, lime, ultramarine, and yellow
 200V/2000Hz84.5 cd/m2
EL Wire Thick

cat.# 04S/05S
5 mm80V/4000Hz81 cd/m2blue-green, green, lime, red, orange, ultramarine, yellow, and white
 100V/2000Hz103.7 cd/m2

The following colours are available:

White LyTec Wire
Ultra-Marine LyTec Wire
Blue-Green LyTec Wire
Green LyTec Wire
Lime LyTec Wire
Yellow LyTec Wire
Orange LyTec Wire
Red LyTec Wire
Blood-Red LyTec Wire
Pink LyTec Wire
Purple LyTec Wire



Applications of LyTec® include safety jackets & clothing, costume jewellery, Christmas decorations and decor. 

LyTec® can be used successfully up to 130m in length and the fibre can be bent in all directions, even in acute angles! The wire has 'memory retention' so with proper handling it can be moulded into various shapes.

Multiple wires can be placed on on certain drivers to obtain flashing sequences of the different wires. LyTec® is perfect to substitute design-grey areas by adding lighting effects.

  Lytec Wire



 LyTec Wire - Glass Table LyTec Wire - Basketball

 LyTec Wire - Signage   LyTec Wire - Safety & Security


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