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Electroluminescent technology has been around for 50 years but has only come into play of late with advances in the technology.

It has traditionally been used as backlighting in mobile phones, car dashboards and state of the art appliances.

We have successfully been using EL for various branding opportunities including caps, t-shirts, floor & ceiling light-boxes, animated posters, bar mats, billboards, building wraps and now even vehicle wraps too!

The possibilities are endless!

Some of the advantages of EL:

  • Up to 90% less power consumption than traditional lighting
  • No harmful light emissions of UV or Infra Red
  • Contains no toxic materials
  • Extremely thin and flexible
  • Cold light source produces no heat
  • 10,000hr + effective lifetime
  • Can run off batteries or mains
  • Durable & reliable
  • No ‘hot-spots’ and has consistent and uniform light distribution
  • Zero maintenance

 EL Poster

 EL Poster


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